Thasullulo FET College

Thasullulo FET College

ISETT SETA - Information Technology

The above learning programmes are quality assured by ISETT SETA.

Technical Support NQF: 4 SAQA ID: 78964

Minimum credits 166 Duration: 1 year
The purpose of this qualification is to build a foundational entry into the field of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, specifically into the field of Systems Support

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National Certificate: Information Technology, Systems Support NQF:5(SAQA ID:48573)

Minimum credits : 147
Duration: 1 year
Upon successful completion of the qualification, the qualifying learner will have a thorough understanding of the role of an IT Systems Support person .He/she will be a well-rounded IT professional especially in the core field of networking and support, with further specialisation into IT Support or in any other related vertical or enabled markets.

Admission Requirements:
Technical support Level 4 or equivalent

Semester 1
Network planning
Installation & configuration of Network Operating System
Network Installation
Business Environment for IT
Research Techniques

Semester 2
Network Security
Network Administration
Customer Support
Managing IT Projects

Upon completion, a Certificate will be issued by ISETT SETA

Career Pathways: IT System Support Technician, Network Administrator, Network Designing, Computer Sales, IT Manager.

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